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THE ONION (Features Contributor)

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AQUA TOFANA (Half-Hour Historical Dramedy Pilot)

In 17th century Italy, a mother-daughter duo peddles poison to scorned women who wish to dispose of their abusive husbands. Based on a true story.

*Quarterfinalist, Screencraft True Story & Public Domain Competition 2021*

*Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards Season 6*

*Coverfly Red List*


BABYGATE (Dramatic Short Film)

On the morning of a relative’s baby shower, a married couple must unpack a traumatic incident that changed their relationship forever, and the underlying emotions that linger on. Filmed during July 2019 in Chicago, IL as part of a five-part film anthology exploring the five stages of grief. 

*Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Shorts Contest 2021*

AMUSEMENT (Half-Hour Workplace Comedy Pilot)

A Black Shakespearean actress with anger-management issues reluctantly takes a gig at an Orlando theme park, where she creates fantasies for vacationers despite her less-than-magical reality.

*Written for Northwestern's MFA Writing for Screen & Stage Program*

*Finalist, SuperSpecial TRIBE Writers Program*

Contact Daryn or check out her Coverfly if you would like to read more!

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